My first time alone…But not in a “masturbation way”…. UNCLE NICK SOLO CAST

September 17, 2017

Nick alone pontificating....horror.  The horror.  


HuffPo and Moscato

September 11, 2017

Back from the break.  Let the complaining proceed!


The Nazis are coming!

August 21, 2017

Not really...


Boots n Cats n Nick n Dave

August 14, 2017

Jason "Boots" joins us again on this weeks episode. We discuss microaggressions, attack helecopters, and other topics. This one was particularly fun.  Unfortunately we do not make it to the topic of Charlottesville on this episode.  We recorded Friday so we will touch on it next week for sure. Enjoy he-brahs she-brahs and ze-brahs!


We Have Forgotten the Faces of Our Fathers

August 9, 2017

Nick and Dave cast this week.  Sorry about the late up-load.


Dave’s Birthday! Life is more meaningless than eva!

July 30, 2017

Chris Holowicki joins the boyz for another search for truth...and Happy Birthday to Dave. He's thirty-pointless. Yay!!!! We love you all.  And we love our boy dave.  Even though he's almost dead.  Congrats!


Morbidly Italian

July 23, 2017

Nick and Dave cast this week. The guys talk rock-out-cock-out locker room dick boys, Sean Spicer resigning, and some other bullshit as wel!


It’s Summertime and Everything’s F*CKED!

July 16, 2017

Nick and Dave cast.  What is happening?  Where are we going in this ocean of chaos?  Is it okay to teach 8 year olds about dildos?